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What Goes Without Saying...

There are a ton of great books about having difficult conversations, but...

There are a ton of great books about having difficult conversations. There is no shortage of podcasts and YouTube videos about how to navigate difficult interactions with other people. They talk about the importance of not letting hard things remain undone simply because they are difficult or awkward. If you are struggling with having a hard conversation, there are resources out there for you.


What if it's not a hard conversation you should be having, but an encouraging one?

Let me explain.

How often do we take for granted that someone knows how we feel about them?

"She knows I love her."

"He knows I'm proud of him."

Fill in the blanks with any of a million sentences we could end with the phrase: "...that goes without saying."

But...what if it doesn't?

What if there are people in your life who, even though they SHOULD know that you love, care for, are proud of, or are thankful for all they've done...they don't?

What if I told you that sometimes (read: all the time), I believe what goes without saying, NEEDS TO BE SAID? How would it change your relationships with the people you care about if you actually said what you think is just a given?

Have you ever had someone say the EXACT right thing at the EXACT time you needed to hear it? It's powerful. You may have heard the words before, maybe a ton of times. It doesn't change the fact that, in THAT moment, we NEEDED to hear them again from someone important to us.

I don't know if you wrestle with confidence or self-doubt (are there people who don't?!). As someone who does, I can tell you there are voices whispering lies all day long. They tell me I'm not good enough, smart enough, creative enough, or any other "enough" you can think of. As if those aren't hard enough to overcome, add to that the voices that whisper that we aren't loveable, likable, or worthy of those things. Combined, the lies can make for some pretty rough days.

It's in those moments, especially, that we need someone to say what goes without saying!

In difficult moments, to have someone tell us they believe in us is huge! Or to remind us that they love us, no matter how that thing at work goes.

I know that sometimes this can be hard to believe, but words matter. They can build up and tear down; they can bring hope or despair. Words can redirect a life!

Imagine if we used that power for good!

If you and I believe that "what goes without saying should be said," we would look for ways to encourage those in our lives. We would be intentional about speaking those things to the people we care about and are thankful for.

So, what is the "goes without saying" thing in your life that remains unsaid?

Is there anyone you need to thank for how they've impacted your life? Maybe it was a teacher from a long time ago, and you want to say thanks for the way they encouraged you. Is there a friend you want to say, "Thanks for standing by me..." to? Maybe your kids need to hear how much they mean to you. Does your spouse "know" that you love them, but it's time you SAID it?

What "goes without saying" NEEDS to be said. Today. Don't wait. Call. Text. Hop in the car and drive to them.

You may have told them 1,000,000 times before. Make it 1,000,001 today. I'm willing to bet if you sat and thought for any length of time at all, you could come up with a pretty good list of people who you could reach out to and let them know what they mean to you.

I bet that if you do, whatever you say will be exactly what someone needs to hear!

Go ahead. Say it!


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